Connect Project Inception Meeting: October 2016

The Connect Project Inception Meeting took place 11-13 October 2016 in Cambridge, UK.
Connect Project Inception Meeting: October 2016

In October 2016, 25 participants joined us in Cambridge for the Inception Meeting of the Connect Project. This was an opportunity to bring together project partners for the first time to discuss planning and implementation of the Connect Project. The meeting objectives were to:

  • Launch the project and get to know one another
  • Review and agree the roles and responsibilities of Work Package leads and other partners
  • Finalisation of the first annual work plan
  • Calibration of detailed budget plan, based on the approved Project Document
  • Provision of a detailed overview of reporting and monitoring and evaluation requirements
  • Adopt Project Steering Committee and International Technical Advisory and Up-scaling Group terms of reference.

The meeting participants provided excellent engagement and input over the three meeting days. The meeting was overwhelmingly positive, with great consensus achieved on the importance of the project, particularly regarding ownership at the national level. The next planned All-Hands meeting is November 2017, to be hosted by the Government of Uganda.

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