Data missions to Ghana and Uganda

​The Connect project conducted data missions to Ghana and Uganda in the first half of March 2020.
Data missions to Ghana and Uganda

Matt Child (SANBI), Mike Gill (NatureServe), Nadine Bowles-Newark and John Tayleur (UNEP-WCMC) met with the Ghana national team in Accra. The following week, Mike Gill, Matt Child, Sediqa Khatieb (SANBI) and Abisha Mapendembe (UNEP-WCMC) gathered with the Uganda national team in Kampala. The national teams, together with the data partners, met with in-country institutions across the board, ranging from statistics offices to national planning authorities. The data partners and national teams made workflows for the teams' biodiversity information products (BIPs). They allocated tasks for developing their BIPs and addressed gaps in the BIP workflows.

Planning the workflows was useful for the national teams to home in on what their biodiversity information products will be and how to plan their development. The Ghana team considered the data products they will need to inform sustained infographics, policy briefs and factsheets to influence agriculture policy around protecting endangered species and pollinators. The Uganda team decided the key spatial data layers (biodiversity hotspots, threatened ecosystems, and land cover) and associated a-spatial data will be the primary BIPs, with the associated policy-briefs and study reports and other identified outputs regarded as applications of the BIPs targeting specific decision-makers.

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